Welcome to the audio licensing department of Universal Music Enterprises.

     We are the licensing agent for all of the labels under the UniversalMusic Group umbrella and you must receive written approval from Universal in order to use our music in your project.

     If you are inquiring about licensing music for a feature film,television program, video, in-house, live production or for use in agame, please call (818) 777-0770 or visit their website at http://www.universalfilmandtvmusic.com/ for instructions on that type of license.

     We receive hundreds of licensing requests each week, most of themrequiring multiple internal consents. This process takes time. Please be patient.

     Music Licensing can be an extremely complicated process and we cannot cover all the elements involved here, but hopefully this will give you the basic information you need.

          You must submit your request to us in writing. Please include your name and address, daytime phone and fax numbers, and provide the following information:

     1. The Title(s) of the recording being requested.

     2. The Name of the Artist. If you have the original releasing label and original record number, that is very helpful.

     3. The Title of the Project with a detailed description outlining the following:

    • Method of Distribution
    • Anticipated Release Date
    • Total Number of Tracks on the package
    • Configuration
    • Suggested Retail List Price of the package
    • The License Fee you are offering
    • The Advance Guarantee you are offering. Please be advised that the minimum advance guarantee we will consider is 25,000 units.
    • The Territory you are requesting distribution rights for (generally we can only clear for the United States).
    • The Length of the Term of the license you are requesting (our general maximum term is 2 years).
    • A Complete Track Listing of the additional repertoire you are planning to include on the package.
    • Who will be Distributing the Product
    • Who will be the Contracting Party
    • A Brief Description of your company. If you are a non-profitorganization or are seeking a gratis license, please mention that inyour letter and include your registered non profit number if you haveone. We have a minimum handling charge of $250.00 to process charitablegratis licenses.
    Upon receipt of the required information, we will be able to processyour request. Please allow at least 6 - 8 weeks for a response. Pleasedo not follow up within this time period.

     Please note that in addition to our approval for the master, you willalso be required to get a separate license from the music publisher(s).The publishers' phone numbers and addresses are available by callingthe appropriate performance rights society, either ASCAP or BMI, and supplying them with the name of the publishers which can often be foundinside the cassette J-card or CD booklet. If this information isunavailable, BMI or ASCAP can also supply a publisher given the name ofthe writers and the recording title.

     You may contact BMI in Los Angeles at (310) 659-9109 or New York at (212) 586-2000 and ASCAP in Los Angeles at (213) 883-1000 or New York at (212) 595-3050. Both societies also have data bases whichcan be searched online.

     If you plan to re-record a song originally performed by one ofour artists, you only need permission from the publisher as you are notusing an original performance by one of our artists.

If you want to sample a portion of one of our recordings, we will need the following:

    • A cassette tape that includes both the new song and the sampled song
    • The Title of the sampled recording, the recording artist and the label on which it was originally released
    • The Title of the new recording, the recording artist and the label on which it will be released
    • A brief description of how the new recording incorporates the sample

Please send your request with the aforementioned information to:

Universal Music Special Markets
2220 Colorado Ave.
Santa Monica, CA 90404
ATTN: Director of Licensing

Or fax to (310) 865 1598

If you have any additional questions, please include them in your letter.

          Thank you for your interest in Universal Music Group recordings.