Q:How long will it take to receive the finished product?
A:From the time a formal agreement is reached, three months is a good estimate.
Q:How much do music premiums cost?
A:Prices vary based on a number of factors. The most important component in determining the price of your product is the number of tracks. The unit guarantee as well as packaging options can also effect the final cost. Most projects fall between $1.50 and $4.50 based on the above.
Q:Does Universal offer enhanced content or special services?
A:Yes. We can develop enhanced CDs containing links to websites, artist interviews, or even animation. If you want a special "shaped CD" or unique packaging, we'll custom tailor a product which makes your brand stand out!
Q:What's involved in the process?
A:1. Special Markets will work with you to determine which tracks from Universal's catalog will best meet the requirements of your project.
2. Our licensing team "clears" the tracks for use. A "clearance" is permission from the artist and label to use the track on your particular project.
3. Once the tracks are approved, the product is manufactured using the packaging options and artwork you select. Many clients choose to provide their own artwork.
4. Once the project has been manufactured, it is shipped to the location you specify.
Q:What type of repertoire can I get for my package?
A:You'll have access to Universal's vast catalog of classic hits and hot, current artists to help design a package that directly meets your company's goals and uniquely addresses your target market. Not all artists approve their songs for use on Special Markets projects, but Universal will always work to ensure your company's project will benefit from the best music available.
Q:Are there minimum order quantities for music premiums?
A:In most cases, 10,000 units is the minimum order quantity. Please contact a sales representative for more information regarding specific questions about order guarantees.
Q:Can I purchase finished product from the Universal catalog?
A:Yes. Please contact Allison Arias (212) 331-2003 for further information.
Q:How do I pay?
A:In most cases, clients set up credit accounts with Universal. It is also possible to pre-pay for goods with a check.

We do not accept credit card payments.
Q:Can I purchase this product in loose pick quantities?
A:Yes, however Universal's standard policy regarding loose pick charges and minimum order charges will apply to this product.
Q:Can Universal Music Special Markets connect me with Universal Music Group labels and artists for participation in other music-related promotions?
A:Yes. Universal Music Special Markets maintains close relationships with our label groups and can point you in the right direction to help develop integrated marketing programs with our family of labels and artists.
Q:Can I customize any of the product in the Universal Special Products catalog with new artwork, titles, stickers, etc.?
A:We are able to do this in certain instances. However, all requests must go through an approval process that includes legal/contract verification, pricing, etc. Certain releases have specific contracts stipulating that the release cannot be altered from its original form. Furthermore, many artists do not consent to premium packages. These projects are handled on a case-by-case basis; please contact your local USP Director of Sales for more info. The entire process usually takes at least a month, sometimes longer.
Q:Are there any on-going programs for this product?
A:Yes! Please contact your UMVD Sales Rep or local USP Director of Sales for details. There are a number of discount programs in effect based on minimum order requirements. However, all product must be bought in box lots (generally 30 units, less for box sets) to qualify for any of our deals. Loose pick orders do not qualify for any discounts.
Q:How soon will I receive my product after an order has been placed?
A:Product generally ships within 48 hours, depending on availability.
Q:How do you decide which titles to release in your catalog?
A:We have a dedicated A&R team constantly scouring the vaults for vital new releases!

We love hearing your feedback; bring it on!
Q:What is the quality of your product?
A:We pride ourselves on offering original recordings by the original artists. Our vast catalog features timeless music from legendary artists such as Patsy Cline, Lynyrd Skynyrd, B.B. King, Smokey Robinson and more! There are many genres to choose from.
Q:What are the general guidelines that I need to know about this product?   
A:All product is sold on a non-returnable basis. Freight will be prepaid on all orders to one location. Prices are subject to change without notice. All orders received by Universal Music & Video Distribution are subject to product availability, credit approval and other Universal Music & Video Distribution terms and policies. Universal Music & Video Distribution can not be held responsible for any typographical errors in the Universal Special Products catalog. Certain songs within packages may change without prior notice due to licensing agreements.